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About Genius Mind

Welcome to Genius Mind labrador retriever kennel. We are situated in a small and peaceful town Samobor, just 10 km from Zagreb.

Our wish is to breed healthy and friendly dogs and enjoy every moment we spend with them. We take special care on choosing the dogs that have stable character and pronounced drive for pleasing the owner.

We met the breed of labrador retrievers when Luna came into our family and home. Even though we owned different breeds before, we soon realized that labrador breed is different from any other we had a chance to get to know better. Attachment to the owner, will to please, intelligence, constant joy, sociability and gentleness with people as well as with other dogs are just some of the characteristics that won us over. Simply put, labradors have a Genius Mind!

Due to joy this breed gives us, in 2012 we established a labrador retriever kennel "Genius Mind", which is registered with HKS (Croatian Kennel Club) and FCI. Having a wish to breed successful show dogs as well as family ones we decided that the father of our first litter should be Ch. Carpenny Micah at Suttonpark - international champion with multiple rewards, having english blood lines and beautiful appearance and temperament. In March 2013, Luna had her first litter! From that litter we kept Genius Mind April Blossom - Kelly, so we could keep this new labrador line in Croatia.
We wish to thank all new owners for continuing our love and efforts with the dogs in their homes.

When you welcome a labrador puppy into your home, know that your family gets a new member, faithful and devoted friend who will shower you with love endlessly. As a part of our family Luna and Kelly live with us in our house. They also have a big courtyard to play in - but nothing can replace regular walks!

We hope you will enjoy with Genius Mind and our lovely dogs.

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